Why is it so crucial to involve our child in the preparation of his bedroom?

By | 6 October 2021
Coming in the kids’ bedroom, we are traveling to a world of fantasy. We open the invisible door and instead of the common four walls we observe the walls of the castle, the deck of a pirate ship, a grassland on which enchanted unicorns peacefully nibble the turf.

dinosaur mural

Autor: Davis Staedtler
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com
Concepts for the design of a child’s room are as infinite as the kids’ imagination.
The richness of ideas is practically astounding. Nowadays, in every DIY store it is possible to encounter colorful decorations, triggering awareness and imagination, elements that we are able to successfully employ to the children’s room accessories. Let’s begin with photo wallpaper. This is a very common solution and at the same time pretty inexpensive. We can cover the entire wall with a wallpaper on which characters from a beloved comic book become alive. By the way, we can encourage the interests of our child: if he has a particular esteem for the sky and the stars, why not memorialize on the wall the image of a big solar system? If he wishes to devote all day on the pitch, let a well-known soccer player show on the wall. Decorative stickers are a wonderful solution to color the room without having to cover the entire wall. Flowers, stars, sunshine, cars, dinosaur murals – stickers come in various sets and very different sizes. We are able to easily match them to the size of our child’s area. And just placing stickers in different compositions is going to be a huge entertainment. It is totally worth involving the kid.

When designing the kid’s bedroom, let us come back to the time of our childhood, let us consider what was attractive, magical and encouraging for us then. Let’s look at our kids, let them be an inspiration for unusual interior design projects.